Public Infrastructure Development in Ijen was complain by Travelers

Banyuwangi – Development of Public Infrastructure of Natural Tourism Park (TWA) Ijen Crater by East Kalimantan Natural Resource Conservation Center (BBKSDA), complained by tourists.

Hundreds of holes are planned to be used as the foundation of a wide-open safety fence without any mark or barrier. Not only that, the location of building pendopo and toilet located at the best scenic point to see Ijen Crater, also complained of tourists.

“This development should see the landscape of Ijen landscape, because the building will reduce the beauty of Ijen, because the location is above,” said Adi, one of the tourists from Jakarta to AFP on Thursday (2/11/2017).

However, Adi said he was happy with the construction of the pendopo and toilet at the top of Ijen. This greatly helps the convenience of tourists. But if the development above the top of Ijen too much, will reduce the aesthetic beauty of the landscape at the summit of Ijen.

“It’s a lot of points, and it’s great for the photos, but if you look at the picture it will look at the building, I hope the developers think about it,” he added.

The same thing expressed one of the tour guide (guide) Ijen, Andika. According to him, the construction at the top of Ijen will ruin the previously unnatural landscape.

“Moreover, the point of the pendopo building is located where actually the crater of the ijen looks beautiful,” he added.

It would be wonderful if the public facilities were built around Pondok Bunder, the closest point to the Ijen peak.
“The majority of foreign tourists who come it does not agree if at the top of the crater Ijen built like that because they come here to find something natural, not looking for man-made,” he concluded.