Ijen Crater tourism closed temporary due to toxic gas

Ijen Crater Tour was temporarily closed after 30 residents became victims of toxic gas. Climbers and miners are prohibited from approaching a tourist park with a height of 2,368 meters above sea level in Banyuwangi district, East Java.

The crater reportedly began spewing toxic gases on Wednesday night, poisoning 30 people who live in four villages at the slope of Mount Ijen. They were taken to Puskesmas Ijen, a community health center in Bondowoso, on Thursday.

“Today we recommend closing the climbing route to Mount Ijen due to toxic gas that is still being investigated by the officers in the field,” said Head of Observation of Ignas volcano (PPGA) Ijen, Bambang Heri Purwanto when contacted from Banyuwangi on Thursday (22/3 / 2018)

ijen crater closed temporary March 2018

“For two days, the Ijen seismic activity of shallow volcanic earthquakes increased, but not significantly, on March 18, 11 times of shallow volcanic earthquakes and on 20 March recorded 22 times shallow volcanic earthquakes, but the status of Mount Ijen is still normal, “he said.

According to him, the last few days of rainfall in the area of the slopes of Mount Ijen is also high. However, he could not explain the cause of poison gas in Ijen Crater because officers are still investigating in the field.

“We appeal to anyone not to approach a radius of 1 kilometer from the lip of the crater because it is dangerous,” he said.

Status of Mount Ijen is still normal, although there is an increase of volcanic earthquake that is not significant and the release of poisonous gas from the crater of the mountain which has a height of 22368 meters above sea level.

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