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Ijen Crater Tour Services is a tour service based in Banyuwangi, East Java. Founded by people who have experienced in tourism and hospitality, especially in the area of ijen crater. we offer the best bromo and ijen tour travel services and competitive prices. We provide  Ijen tour and Ijen bluefire tours, Sukamade turtle beaches and other destinations in Banyuwangi District.

Ijen Crater Tour Services also provides other land tour programs such as: bromo tour, bromo ijen tour, surabaya – bromo – ijen tour, Bali – Ijen tour, transportation services from Surabaya or Bali & 3 days 2 nights package in Banyuwangi. All programs are based on your request. You are an individual traveler, spouse, family or group.

We strive to provide the best service. The wealth of our experience gained with international travelers is an ideal prerequisite for your pleasant holiday in East Java.


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Kawah Ijen Tour Services

Adress : Licin – Banyuwangi – Eastjava – Indonesia
Telp : +62 822 451 13133
Whatsapp : +62 822 451 13133
Email : reservation@kawah-ijen.com

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